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Apricot and Almond Milk

Almond milk is used around the Mediterranean and is best made with new seasonís nuts. It is fiddly to blanch and peel almonds, but the extra flavour is worth it. You can use ready blanched nuts but not ground or flaked almonds.

Image of Apricot and Almond Milk

150 g/5Ĺ oz fresh almonds
300 ml/10 fl oz boiling water, plus water for scalding
200 g /7 oz ripe apricots
2 tsp demerara sugar


Serves: 2


Pour some boiling water over the almonds to scald them. Drain them and, as soon as the nuts are cool enough to handle, slip off the brown skins and put the kernels into the food processor with 150 ml/5 fl oz boiling water. Grind the nuts and water in the food processor, then add a further 150 ml/5 fl oz water and process again. Strain the mixture through a sieve and allow to cool. Rinse out the food processor.

Pour boiling water over the apricots to scald them. Drain, then peel and quarter them, discarding the stones. Put them in the food processor and purée. Combine the almond milk and the apricot purée in the food processor and process until thoroughly blended.

Pour into glasses and top with a crunchy layer of demerara sugar.

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