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Yang Chow Style Fried Rice


2 eggs, large in size and beaten
⅔ cup of frozen peas, thawed
1 carrot, medium in size and diced finely
pound of roast pork, Chinese style, fully cooked and shredded
cup of shrimp, small in size, shelled and deveined
3 cloves of garlic, crushed and minced
3 green onions, sliced and with white and green parts separated
4 tbsp. of soy sauce
4 to 5 cups of rice, cooked
1 tbsp. of peanut oil or oil that you prefer to use


Preparation time: 45 minutes
Serves: 4


Heat up at least 1 tablespoon of your preferred oil in a large sized wok over medium to high heat. Once the oil is hot enough pour in your beaten eggs and cook them just until they set, making sure that you cut them up into small pieces as you do so. Once they are cooked remove them from the wok and set aside.

Then add in your garlic and veggies to the pan. Cook for at least 4 minutes, making sure that you toss the ingredients together as you do. Then add in your remaining oil and shrimp to your pan. Cook your shrimp until they are pink in colour and look cooked.

Next add in your pork and whatever is left of your oil. Add in your cooked eggs and toss everything together to mix evenly. Allow to cook for another 2 minutes before adding your rice and soy sauce. Toss again to combine.

Leave your rice to cook for an additional 4 to 5 minutes before removing from heat. Serve immediately, garnish with some green onions.

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