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Savory Bat Wing Truffles

Image of Savory Bat Wing Truffles

8 oz chèvre (goat) cheese, crumbled (1 cup)
1 container (4 oz) garlic and herb spreadable cheese
¼ cup basil pesto or sundried tomato pesto
1 bag (9.5 oz) blue corn tortilla chips
Thin pretzel sticks, broken
½ cup sliced pitted ripe or green olives


Makes: 14


1. In medium bowl, mix cheeses and pesto. Shape mixture into 14 (1½-inch) balls.

2. In resealable food-storage plastic bag, place 4 cups of the tortilla chips; seal bag. Finely crush chips with rolling pin or flat side of meat mallet. Pour crumbs onto plate.

3. Roll cheese balls in crumbs, coating completely. Press 2 pretzel pieces into each truffle for eyes; place olive slices on pretzels. Just before serving, insert 2 tortilla chips on either side of eyes to look like bat wings.


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