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Chicken Salad with Red Chilli Peanut Dressing

If you are looking for an appetizer that is as filling as an entrée, but will be healthy and light, then this is the perfect dish for you.


¼ cup of rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp. of peanut butter, smooth and your favourite brand
1 tbsp. of ginger, fresh and chopped finely
2 tsp. of chipotle pepper, puree
1 tbsp. of soy sauce
1 tbsp. of honey
2 tsp. of sesame oil, toasted
½ cup of canola oil
Pinch of salt
Pinch of ground pepper, fresh
½ of a head of cabbage, napa style and shredded
½ of a head lettuce, romaine and shredded
2 carrots, large in size and shredded
¼ pound of snow peas, slice julienned style
¼ cup of cilantro, coarsely chopped
¼ cup of green onion, sliced thinly
2 cups of rotisserie chicken, shredded
½ cup of peanuts, roasted and chopped
¼ cup mint leaves, fresh and chopped
Dash of chilli oil, optional
A few lime halves, grilled and for garnish


Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2


Using a large sized mixing bowl, combine your canola and sesame oil, smooth peanut butter, ginger, raw honey, chipotle pepper, vinegar and favourite soy sauce together with a whisk. This will be your tasty dressing.

Then combine all of your veggies together in a large sized bowl. This will be your hearty salad.

Next add your dressing to your greens and toss with your hands to combine everything together nicely.

Transfer your tasty salad to a large serving platter and top with your shredded chicken, chopped peanuts, and chopped mint leaves.

Drizzle with a touch of chilli oil, if you wish and finally garnish with your grilled lime halves. Serve right away.

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