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(Kompot Owocowy)

Christmas Eve - Compote with Dried Fruit
(Kompot Owocowy)


1 lb (450 g) dried fruit (apples, pears, apricots, bananas etc.)
lb (225 g) dried prunes
1 tbsp sugar
⅓ cup (25 g) raisins
1 tbsp cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
Optional: gelatine


1.   Rinse the dried fruit with hot water, then leave to soak in 2 quarts (2 l) of cold water overnight.

2.   The next day, take out the dried fruit and boil the remaining water adding sugar, raisins, cloves, and cinnamon and cook for 10 minutes. If you want, you can dissolve two packets of gelatine in hot water and add to the compote for a thicker consistency.

3.   Pour over the dried fruit. 

Instead of soaking the dried fruit overnight, you can also soak it for a few hours and then boil along with the rest of the ingredients for 10 minutes.

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