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( Loukoumádes )

Honey Puffs
( Loukoumádes )

1 portion, calories: 290

Image of Honey Puffs<br/>( Loukoumádes )

650 grms of flour
1 full tablespoonful of yeast
1 cup of lukewarm water
1 tablespoonful of salt
Oil for frying

For the syrup:

2 cups of sugar
1 cup of honey
1 cup of water


Serves: 8


Put the flour in a bowl and mix it with the salt. Make a well in the centre and put in the yeast, having melted it first in the lukewarm water. Combine the mixture, adding more lukewarm water to make a medium dough. Knead it for a little while then place the dough, covered with a clean cloth, in a warm place to rise. When it has done so (you can judge this by the small bubbles that will have formed on the surface), it is ready.

In a deep pan put plenty of oil to heat. Wet your hands and take a piece of the dough squeezing it in your fist to allow a small amount of the dough to be forced through the opening between your thumb and forefinger. Take a spoon and wet it, then scoop the dough from between your thumb and forefinger and place it in the boil­ing oil.

When the puffs have browned slight­ly, remove from the oil and place on absor­bent kitchen paper. To be served on a flat dish with the syrup poured over them. Prepare the syrup as follows: Boil the sugar with the water and the honey for 3-4 minutes. Once the honey puffs have been placed on the dish for serving and the syrup poured over, sprinkle with cinnamon.

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