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Pulpo A La Gallega

Octopus Galician Style
Pulpo A La Gallega

Image of Octopus Galician Style<br/>Pulpo A La Gallega

4 lb/2 kg tenderized baby octopus
2 qt/2 L water
1 onion, peeled
1 bay leaf
6 black peppercorns
1 cup/8 fl oz/250 ml olive oil
1 tablespoon hot paprika, or a mixture of paprika and chili powder
Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Serves: 10


1.Clean the octopus thoroughly; discard the heads.

2.Bring the water to boil. Add the octopus, onion, bay leaf and peppercorns and simmer until the octopus is tender, about 20 to 30 minutes. Drain and cool.

3.Mix the olive oil and seasonings in a bowl and add the octopus. Refrigerate overnight.

4.Remove octopus from the marinade and place on a broiler (grilling) pan. Broil (grill) for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Serve with a sprinkling of marinade and additional paprika and coarse salt.

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