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( Salade Niçoise )

Mediterranean Salad
( Salade Niçoise )

Image of Mediterranean Salad<br/>( Salade Niçoise )

1 lettuce (only light-coloured heart should be used)
4 large tomatoes
1 onion
1 red and 1 green pepper
3 hardboiled eggs
1 x 198g (7oz) can tuna fish in oil
100g (¼lb) black olives
6 anchovy fillets
200g (7oz) cooked green beans
2 x 15ml tbsp (2tbsp) wine vinegar
Salt, black pepper
6-8 x 15ml tbsp (6-8tbsp) olive oil
1 clove garlic


Preparation time: 15 minutes
Serves: 6


1. Rinse and shred the small lettuce leaves. Arrange in a salad bowl. Wash tomatoes and cut into wedges, slice peeled onion into paper-thin rings. Wash and deseed peppers, and cut into thin strips.

2. Slice hardboiled eggs or cut into wedges. Drain the liquid from the can of tuna and cut fish meat into pieces. Finely slice the anchovy fil­lets, and slice the green beans. Remove stones from olives.

3. Carefully mix all ingredients in the salad bowl with two forks and sprinkle over a dressing consisting of vinegar, salt, coarsely ground black pepper, oil, crushed garlic and ½ x 15ml tbsp (½tbsp) fresh or ½ x 5ml tsp (½tsp) dried basil. Serve as a first course with French bread or toast.

Unsuitable for the freezer

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