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Indian Elephant

Image of Indian Elephant

30 cm/12 in square madeira cake
675 g/1 lb/2 x quantity butter icing
225 g/8 oz marzipan
Black, green, yellow and pink food colourings
Chocolate coins, silver balls, coloured and white chocolate buttons and two sweets
125 g/4 oz/2 cups desiccated coconut 2 tbsp apricot jam, warmed and sieved

Materials And Equipment

Stiff paper for template
36 cm/14 in square cake board


Serves: 30


1. Make a template from stiff paper in the shape of an elephant. Trace off the design from the photograph of the finished cake and enlarge by 150%, if wished. Place the template on top of the cake and cut out the shape with a sharp knife. Position the cake on the cake board.

2. Colour the butter icing pale grey using the black food colouring. Cover the top and sides of the cake with the icing and swirl with a palette knife.

3. Using a cocktail stick and black food colouring, swirl black highlights into the icing.

4. On a work surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out half of the marzipan and cut out shapes for the elephant's tusk, headpiece and blanket. Place them in position on the cake. Colour the remaining marzipan green, yellow and pink. Roll out thinly and cut out patterns for the blanket, headpiece, trunk and tail. Roll small balls of yellow and pink marzipan to make the ankle bracelets.

5. Place all the decorations, including the silver balls, chocolate coins and coloured chocolate buttons, in position. Cut the white chocolate buttons in half and use for the toenails and the sweets for the eye.

6. Mix a little green food colouring into the coconut. Brush the cake board with a little apricot jam and sprinkle with the coconut for grass.

Storing:- The finished cake can be kept in an airtight container for up to three days.

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