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Du Nièr Beurre

Black Butter
Du Nièr Beurre

November is the month for black butter, a traditional preserve that is made in huge quantities. The women of the neighbourhood used to get together to peel and cut up hundreds of pounds of apples whilst the men and children would gather enough wood to keep the fire going non-stop for nearly two days. Once the fire was lit, usually in the afternoon, the cooking went on all night and well into the next day, with everyone taking turns to tend the pot and mend the fire. When neither stirring nor stoking, everyone would dance and sing and enjoy the plentiful refreshments. Today the Jersey Young Farmers Club is one of the few groups who continue the ancient tradition of black butter making.

Image of Black Butter<br/>Du Nièr Beurre

10 gallons cider
700 lb sweet apples, peeled and cut
20 lb sugar
3 sticks liquorice, finely chopped
24 lemons, sliced
3 lb allspice


Boil the cider till it turns to jelly. Add the apples, stirring all the time to prevent sticking. Two hours after the last batch of apples has been stirred in, add the sugar, liquorice and lemons. In the last ten minutes of cooking add the spice. Store in jars.

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