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Dí La Soupe Dí Andgulle

Conger Soup
Dí La Soupe Dí Andgulle

Many different activities have contributed to Jersey's wealth over the centuries. In the Middle Ages it was fishing and large quantities of locally-caught conger, in particular, were salted and exported to the Continent for their fish-only fast days. Congers were also a favourite with Islanders in time past and fishermen used to trundle barrows of these enormous fish, selling them from door to door. In the fish market, the Jersey way to display a conger eel is for it to lie curled on the fishmonger's slab with its tail in its mouth. Though less popular than it once was, there are still several versions of this dish still in use.

Image of Conger Soup<br/>Dí La Soupe Dí Andgulle

1 head, 1 tail of conger eel, each about 1 lb
3 pints water
1 onion, peeled,
1 carrot, peeled
Salt and pepper
Marigold petals


Serves: 7


Place whole head and tail of fish with water and vegetables in large pan. Bring to boil, skim, then simmer for 1 hour. Strain off liquid into another pan. Flake edible fish from skeleton, discard bones etc. Return flaked fish to stock, season and serve hot, garnished with marigold petals.

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