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Broccoli Flowers

Create attractive, flowerlike bundles for your next buffet or picnic.


1 pound (450 g) fresh broccoli crowns
3 tablespoons crumbled herbed feta cheese
1 tablespoon non-fat mayonnaise
1 tablespoon plain non-fat yoghurt
teaspoon Dijon-style mustard
1 x (5-ounce/140-g) package very thinly sliced cooked chicken (about 20 slices)


Serves: 6


Trim broccoli; cut flowers and stems into about 18 pieces 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm) long. Steam in a 2-quart (2-liter) saucepan about 5 minutes or until tender; drain. Combine feta cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt and mustard. Spread one side of each chicken slice with mayonnaise mixture. Place one piece of cooked broccoli in center of each slice. Roll up like a cornucopia with broccoli flower protruding through the open end. Serve warm or cold.

Each serving contains:- Cal.63, Cal. from Fat 15, Protein 8g, Carb.5g, Total Fiber 2g, Total Fat 2g, Sat. Fat 1g, Chol.14mg, Sodium 451mg

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