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Mixed Grill Skewers With Horseradish Sauce

This hearty selection of meats, cooked on a skewer and drizzled with horseradish sauce, makes a popular main course. Keep all the pieces of meat about the same thickness so they cook evenly.

Image of Mixed Grill Skewers With Horseradish Sauce

4 small lamb noisettes, each about 2.5cm/1in thick
4 lamb's kidneys
4 streaky bacon rashers
8 cherry tomatoes
8 chipolata sausages
12-16 bay leaves
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


30ml/2 tbsp horseradish relish
45ml/3 tbsp melted butter


Serves: 4


1. Trim any excess fat from the lamb noisettes with a sharp knife. Halve the kidneys and remove the cores, using kitchen scissors.

2. Cut each bacon rasher in half and wrap around the tomatoes or kidneys.

3. Thread the lamb noissettes, bacon-wrapped kidneys and cherry tomatoes, chipolatas and bay leaves on to four long metal skewers. Set aside while you prepare the sauce.

4. Mix the horseradish relish with the melted butter in a small bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed.

5. Brush a little of the horseradish sauce over the meat and sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

6. Cook the skewers on a medium barbecue for 12 minutes, turning occasionally, until the meat is golden brown and thoroughly cooked. Serve hot, drizzled with the remaining sauce.

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