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Num An Sam Chrouk

Image of Num An Sam Chrouk

250 g white sticky rice
1 cups coconut milk
cup caster sugar
1 tsp salt


1 cup green beans, soaked
1 tsp white pepper (powder)
1 tsp salt
cups caster sugar
1 cup bacon

Banana leaves for wrapping.


Soak rice for at least 4 hours. Drain and transfer to a brass pot. Add coconut milk and cook on a low heat for 40 minutes or until the rice is soft and swollen. Stir frequently. Add sugar and salt and stir until all the coconut milk has evaporated. Then remove from the heat. Soak green beans for 40 minutes, discard the skin and then steam for 30 minutes. When cooked, pound in a stone mortar until the beans from a paste. Add pepper, salt and sugar and knead. Fry strips of bacon then chop. Allow all ingredients to cool before rolling an an-sam.

How to make the an-sam: Blanch banana leaves, then pat dry. Cut into 30cm-25cm rectangles. Take 2 sheets and lay 1 on top of the other. On one end of the sheets spread the rice evenly about 2-cm thick. Then spread the bean paste on top of the rice and finally place bacon down the centre. Gently roll over the rice to cover the stuffing. Wrap the banana leaf tightly around the rice roll, tuck in the sides and continue to roll firmly. Tie with a thread made from banana trunk. Steam for 20 minutes

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