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The cuisine of Wales has inspired and been influenced by, other British cuisine. Beef and dairy cattle are raised widely, especially in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, Sheep farming is extensive in the country and lamb is the meat traditionally linked to Welsh cooking, particularly in dishes for example roast lamb with fresh mint sauce. Welsh cooking often includes seafood, especially close to the coast, where fishing culture is robust and fisheries are widespread. This is exemplified by the use of cockles and laver in Welsh cuisine. The vegetable leek is also common in Welsh cuisine.

Welsh Dishes include:

• Tatws Pum Munud (English: five minute potatoes), a traditional Welsh stew, created using potatoes, vegetables and bacon and cooked on top of the stove.

• Tatws Popty or Tatws Pobdu (English: oven potatoes), a traditional Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and a joint of meat and cooked in an oven.

• Teisennau Tatws (English: Potato Cakes), is a potato dish, served as an accompaniment - not a main dish in its own right.

• Welsh rarebit: although now synonymous with Wales, the origins of this dish are unclear along with the name may actually be an ironic English reference to Welsh cuisine. The Welsh term for this dish is caws pobi, meaning 'baked cheese'.

• Bara brith, "speckled bread", is a sweet bread which originated in Wales. It's traditionally created using raisins, currant and candied peel.

• Cawl is a Welsh stew with lamb and leeks.

• Roast lamb with laver sauce or with mint sauce

• Shepherd's pie, a kind of lamb meat pie made with mashed potatoes, is usually associated with Wales.

• Cockles are very popular in Wales and served in many different ways although more often than not steamed.

• Crempogs are Welsh buttermilk pancakes.

• Faggots are Welsh meatballs made out of lamb or pig's liver, onions and a cereal binder.

• Glamorgan sausage (Welsh: Selsig Morgannwg) is cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs in the shape of a sausage.

• Laverbread or Bara Lawr in Welsh, is a Welsh seaweed delicacy. The laver is mixed with oatmeal, which is formed into patties and usually fried in bacon fat.

• Welsh cakes (Welsh: picau ar y maen, pice bach, cacen gri or teisen radell) are small cakes cooked on a bakestone.

• Leek soup (Welsh: Cawl Cennin or Cawl Mamgu "Granny's stew").

• Lob Scows is a well-liked stew in Holyhead and Anglesey; the Liverpudlian 'Scouse' is derived from this.

• Monkfish, often served with laver, common on the coast.

• The Clark's Pie is a meat and potato pie first produced in Cardiff.

• Breakfast is traditionally an important meal in Wales. A hearty breakfast of eggs and cockles fried with bacon and sausage, served with laverbread, is known as a 'traditional' Welsh breakfast.

Various cheeses are produced in Wales. These include Caerphilly, Y Fenni, Hen-Sir, Llanboidy, Tintern, Pantysgawn, Red Dragon, Red Devil and an exceptionally strong variety of Cheddar - the "Black Bomber" as well as Collier's powerful Welsh Cheddar.