Making Burgers


You can make burgers with minced meat, but this food processor method makes a chunkier burger more like an American-style chopped steak. For best results, use meat such as chuck steak that has 20 per cent fat and take care not to overwork the meat or it will be rubbery.

1. Put chunks of beef in a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Pulse just until roughly ground.

2. Place the chopped meat in a bowl. Add onion, garlic and seasonings of your choice. Mix until combined.

3. Shape the mixture into even-sized balls, then flatten them until they are about 4 cm thick.


Add texture and flavour by topping or accompanying burgers with tasty extras.

• Top a cooked burger with a slice of mozzarella or crumbled blue cheese and grill to melt.

• Stir chopped roasted peppers into salsa - spoon on to melting cheeseburger.

• Pan-fry sliced red onions until caramelized, adding a few sliced mushrooms towards the end. Season with Worcestershire sauce and grain mustard and spoon over burgers.