Words Beginning with the Letter Y



A bulbous tuber, large, with very white flesh and pinkish­-coloured skin like a sweet potato. There are many types, but all are cooked like potatoes and imported into Europe from the West Indies, Far East or Latin America.



The oldest known form of leavening or raising agent, yeast is a living plant needing warm and moist conditions in which to grow. Formerly it was bought as a liquid known as barm or Brewer's Yeast, from a brew­er. Nowadays it is bought as German yeast, barm which has been drained and pressed, either as a soft, sweet-smelling cake or in dried and packeted form. When yeast has done its work leavening bread, it is killed by the heat of baking.



A non-pasteurised milk which has been treated with a special culture to sour it and make it set. Usually bought commer­cially prepared, but can be made at home; used as a sweet, also in sauces and dressings and for tenderising meat.


Yorkshire pudding

Traditional English accompani­ment to roast beef; once baked with the meat and served as a separate course, but usually cooked in a separate dish nowadays and served with the meat.