Words Beginning with the Letter Q



A game bird, small and regarded as a luxury; efforts are being made now to restore it to its former popularity and special quail farms have been set up in Britain for this purpose.


Queen cake

A Victoria sponge mixture baked in small, fancy-shaped tins in the form of various novelties.


Queen of puddings

A pudding popular in Victorian England: the bottom of a pie dish is lined with strawberry jam and then filled with a mix­ture of milk, egg yolks and breadcrumbs. When this has set in the oven it is topped with meringue made from the egg whites and crisped in the oven.



Fish, chicken or veal forcemeat bound with eggs and made into a sort of dumpling; poached in boiling water after being shaped in special moulds or spoons, but traditionally should be oval. Served with a cream or velouté sauce.



A savoury shortcrust flan filled with crisp bacon, onion and egg custard.



A large, almost pear-shaped fruit with an exotic flavour, but too tart and astringent to eat raw, hence usually used in jellies or conserves. Yellow-gold in colour, with a grey bloom, the fruit mature on the quince tree (Cydonia vulgaris) in late September and early October and are rarely grown commer­cially in Britain.