Blown Out Permanent Designer Eggs


Given here is a little basket of blown eggs decorated with paint, ribbon and stuck-on shapes- even sequins.

Try them out. They are not just charming.

Done all by yourself, they are cute, nifty, and permanent eggs (as many as you like)


What you need:
A child-safe sharp pin
A sizeable saucer to hold the contents of the eggs
Soft pencil
Paints and paintbrushes
Sticker stars
A nifty garden basket (preferably of cane)


Wash the eggs in cold water and dry on paper towels. Use a sharp-pointed pin to screw a small hole in each end of an egg.

Shake the egg vigorously to break the yolk and mix it with the white. Then hold the egg over a saucer and blow hard into one hole until all the contents have run out of the other hole.

Wash the shell carefully under cold running water, rinsing out several times. Then leave it to dry.

Repeat the process with other eggs.

Use a soft pencil to mark a design lightly on each shell.

Paint motifs. Decide before hand the design and the colour to be applied.

Then use one colour at a time to draw the motifs.

Paint some eggs one colour all over. Just for a break.

Stick a loop of silk ribbon on the top of an egg for hanging.

For designing striped eggs indicate lightly the areas of different colour in pencil.

Put colours in the stripes using the pencilled lines as a guide.

Decorate plain painted eggs with bands of ribbon and bows.

Stick on the sticker stars to make a pattern with the painted stripes.